On The Road To Katharagama

You maybe planning to visit Sri Lanka or planning to getaway from the city hassle on a holiday. If you are here you are obviously considering going to Katharagama.

If you take the cheapest transport, which is the bus it will take you 6 to 7 hours to get there. We took the bus at midnight and slept our way to Katharagama.

There are many budget hotels in Tissamaharama (45 minutes away) or you could find a place nearby in katharagama. Staying in Tissamaharama is easy if you are planning to do a wildlife safari on this trip.

If you take a look at the distance it will be a little over 200 km from Colombo.


The Katharagama temple is one of the places where people flow without a season.

On your way to the temple there will be many merchants. This guy was one of them.

Kids Toys

You could always get a friendship band from here so your companion and you will have something to remember this place forever.

Since Katharagama seems to be a miracle working holy place for many religions, you’ll be offered to buy flowers many times. The most popular question asked around here is “Don’t you wanna by flowers?”.


If you encounter this giant, walk under its belly. People believe that it brings wisdom.


If you need a quick snack, there will be many pilgrims who’d be serving the gods in feeding the needy around here.


Everyone goes in to the temple barefoot, so oyu might have to carry them with you around the place.


Once you are done with katharagama, don’t forget to visit the Sella-Katharagama temple.

There will be many soothsayers, palm readers there. We gave it a try and few minutes in to it, that became a laughing matter. I made up my mind thinking that I paid them as a good will gesture.

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