Tips To Packing Your Travel Bag

There are many ideas flowing around about what should go in a travel bag and how best to pack it. Who doesn’t really have an opinion when it comes to a thing like “packing a bag”? After reading through many articles, I’ve listed down 7 vital points to make sure, you’ve done it right! Hope this helps.


  1. Get a good quality backpack for starters.
  2. The lightest should be on top and the heavy things at the bottom.
  3. Pack the things that you need the most, first (Keeping in mind the top point).
  4. Organize the things in the bag well where it won’t look like a garbage can when opened.
  5. Avoid unnecessary stuff, go liter and make things digital as possible (Don’t forget the chargers BTW).
  6. The liquids should be reduced to one bottle for many reasons.
  7. Keep the bag clean and make sure to clean it once you are done with the trip.


Be brave and go explore the unknown…

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