How To Make A Picture Using Text

Here’s a quick and easy Photoshop tutorial for you. You will have to be familiar with Photoshop Tools to do this. Let’s get started.
1) Pick a picture of your choice and isolate the object you want edit.

2) If the Image is in color you have to Desaturate (Ctril + Shift + U) it.
3) Duplicate the layer & save it as a “New” document “Displacement”.
4) Go to Filter, Blur and select “Gaussian Blur”. Make it a radius of 4.0 pixels.

5) Save this file by going to File & Save As. Important: Save it as a Photoshop file.
6) Select the text you want to show on the object you’ve highlighted.
7) Now you need to create the text. Search for word cloud on the internet there will be many services that will help you create an image like below. All you need to do is copy/paste the text.
8) Copy this text you created and take it Photoshop. And Select the text.


9) Select Just the text by going to “Select” and then “Color Range…”
10) Copy this text and paste it on the highlighted Object.
11) Now Add a Drop Shadow to the text. (Select the text layer and select Blending Options)
12) Select Drop Shadow at the bottom and add a shadow to the text.
13) Now Resize the text pressing Ctrl + t on the keyboard and reducing the text size.
14) Now fill the face with copies of this text. Important: you can duplicate the layers by pressing Ctrl + J on the keyboard.
15) Now Select all the layers and merge them by pressing Ctrl + E and repeat the above step until you’ve covered the object.
16) Merge all the text layers to one and go to Filter and Distort then Displacement.
17) Make sure the settings are as below and press ok.
18) Now select the Displacement file we created at the start.
19) Now bring the object layer above the text layer and select the object layer. Then change the Blend Mode of the Object layer to Linear Burn.

20) Select Levels by clicking Ctrl + L and brighten up the layers.

20) And that’s about it. You can tweak this up from here.



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