Six Days in Malaysia – Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lampur

In a world driven by speed and technological advancement, some relive the pages of history to understand themselves better and to move forward in confidence.

We have all seen many go against the tide but when will we ever really understand what drives them to the unknown. Have you seen a person who continually infuse their life with challenges not waiting for the right moment but living every second learning something.

Well, it’s time you grab your backpack and followed them on a journey full of new discoveries…

Yeah, I feel like a poet now, lol!

We all have been in a moment in life that we are completely unaware of how things will unfold, right! Yeah well, this time I’m a complete novice in traveling overseas. So you could say it’s a new milestone.

Once you are at the International Airport in KL (Kuala Lampur) you can get to the lower level of the airport and take a bus to the city for 35 ringgit, from KLCC (Kuala Lampur City Center) the bus service breaks off the group according to the travel destinations. Some go in the bus directly and the others headed off to Bukit Bintang are taken in a small van.

On your way to the citry from the airport: Watch Video

Below map covers all the locations that you can visit on your stay in KL. Below pin is where I started my stay.

Map of Kuala Lampur
Kuala Lampur City Map

Bukit Bintang comes alive sundown, the city has many nightclubs, bars, pubs, massage parlors and almost everything else.

During the day you can spend hours inside the Berjaya Times Square.

Berjaya Times Square

If you are not in for walking, you can install the mobile app Grab car to get to your destination. This is a famous carpool system in Malaysia, you also get Uber there but if you are traveling during peek hours it’s best to get grab car or public transport like mono trail or train.

Here are few places that get’s filled at night…


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