We need more trailblazers

Are we demotivating our youth? Three hundred thousand Sri Lankan youth are accustomed to the easy life by being complacent of taxi driving as a career instead of pursuing their education. We performed a survey taking 300 three wheel drivers from many parts of Colombo. We were blown out of the water when it revealed to us that three wheelers have been dominating the streets by being the choice of the common man. This is the fastest way of transportation at a reasonable price. Why aren’t we educating our children to be our future leaders? Why are we letting them to be dismayed and confounded by the framing misconceptions that is running in the society? Some have the opinion that back breaking examinations make our youth to give up education and join the working sector. Is there a truth to this, let’s find out.

Three wheelers had managed to obtain popularity in our society by becoming the most convenient source of transportation of everyone and I hope you have noticed that most of the drivers are young adults? Have you ever wondered what’s happening to our youth? Be Alert! And follow through the article, if you are truly concerned for our children. This article may have taken a harsh approach to this situation but it is unwise of us to overlook this matter. I am not writing this article about the men who have chosen this carrier as a retirement plan but about the youth. I know the affluent in the society is not that comfortable with the traffic condition in the city Colombo. Many have come to the frustrating conclusion that the cause to the peak hour travelling hazard is the flood of three wheelers in the country. The number one traffic evader at an affordable price or should I say traffic creator at an easy payment scheme, what difference would it make. Anyone would go for it but this exasperating situation had taken the highway and it must be barricaded. We as a country have multiplied up to twenty one million people and growing but around 300,000 youth are three wheel drivers. I know our focus was on the environment pollution aspect up today but this is where our primary focus really should be. Why does the young generation incline to driving taxis as an occupation? Is it because of their passion for it or is it because of the senseless decisions they make due to their failure in schools.  Let’s get to the bottom of the story.

There were nearly 85, 000 newly registered 3 wheelers in the year of 2010. The present situation is not doing any better but it acts as a viral infection. More and more students quit school at a young age as a victim of this malady and follow their parents or start their own carrier. Majority of the young 3 wheel driver’s express their financial difficulties as a hindrance to their education and some see it as an easy way of living where they are not bound to working hours. Shouldn’t this be taken into attention and take the necessary steps to educate and thrust our young people to the light by making them aware of the value and purpose of education? Therefore we must be more diligent in what we do and we must take precautionary measures warding off impending danger which is the birth of an illiterate society in the country. If we want the country to develop it should be started from the smallest unit in the society, the family.  Our survey let us in to the minds of these individuals and we were astonished when their opinions on this topic changed from stand to stand.

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