Where is Seethawaka Botanical Gardens?

Before we find the answer to Where it is, we need to find out why it is there? It’s a step taken to protect the world’s best flora for your kids. Primarily, preserving endangered plants with a garden adorned with flowers, wetland species & bamboo is the noble thought behind this beautiful garden.

Arriving to Seethawaka Botanical Garden in Awisssawella can be tricky even with Google Maps (Link). Hence I will mention the final landmarks to the garden. If you are on the Meepe, Ingiriya Road (Link), you need to find the Rajasinghe Ground (Link). Adjacent to the ground you’d find the Ihala Bope-Labugama Road (Link). This road will take you to Polwatte Junction (Link), you need to get to Thummodara Post Office (Link) from there taking a left turn. From the Thummodara Junction take a right turn to the Ilukovita Road (Link). This takes you directly to the park.

Now that the directions are out of the way to let us focus on key things to expect here,

  1. Spectacular View
  2. Endangered Flora
  3. Great place for an outing


  1. Is it worth the journey? If you are not a nature lover this is not the place for you. Others can have a relaxed time with friends or alone reading a book.
  2. Is there parking and is it free? There is a massive parking lot right at the entrance. No one charged us.
  3. What’s the best time to get there? Early morning, right at the time the park opens (7.30am) or late afternoon.

If you’d like to see more pictures, please check me out on Instagram (@travel_therapy_srilanka).

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