World’s Best Eco-Lodge in Sri Lanka, you didn’t know about! KumbukRiver Resort.

You can sleep in the belly of an Elephant!!! Check out the Elephant Villa on your visit to Sri Lanka.

KumbukRiver Resort shot to fame with its huge Elephant-shaped villa and received the only Travel Oscar for Sri Lanka at the World Travel Awards in a world’s best category being named as the world’s leading eco-lodge in 2008.  KumbukRiver is also among the world’s top 10 most unusual hotels and Asia’s most amazing hotels.

Elephant Villa

There are 2 massive rooms on the upper deck of this huge Elephant shaped abode and the resort says maximum of 10 people can stay here.

Tree Luxuria

This is a cabin elevated from the ground level to have a picturesque of of the river, right from your bed with a glass wall facing the river.

Jungle Cabin

This offers a unique setup for 2 couples or a family with 2 rooms in an extended vintage lorry.

Boat House (No Longer Available)

Looks like straight out from a fairy tale this is unique in it’s setup an awe inspiring effort from the creatives of the resort. Maximum 2 people can sleep here.

Overall an unique experience and a must have location on your travel plan on your visit to Sri Lanka. There are many activities in and around the resort you can add to your plan on your visit.

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