4 Ways to make life worth living

In the 19 hundreds, 2 shoe manufacturers sent 2 salespersons to Africa.

One person telegrams back to his company and says Situation hopeless, no one here wears shoes.

Second person telegrams back and he said,Fantastic opportunity, no one here has shoes.

Similarly to the 1st salesman, we don’t see the blessings we have because we are too consumed by the things of the world; as a result, we have moments where we question everything.

In day to day life, we strive to make enough to live a good life but sometimes we can lose focus and go in the opposite direction.

People tend to chase the worldly riches by working hard sacrificing the most valuable thing they own; time.

Time passed can’t be bought back.

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Lasting happiness and satisfaction don’t come through wealth.

Even King’s had moments where they questioned their very existence even with the power to obtain everything their heart desires.

No one does everything right throughout their life. Everyone has their shortcomings but there is no doubt it makes us wise.

We can never understand certain things living under the sun.

We will never get the full picture with all the answers in this life.

Whenever we are distant from what’s good, we question the very purpose of life and we sometimes think laterally and come to conclusions.

Here are 4 points to make our lives meaningful.

  • Be humble and respect one another.
  • Try not to take control of things beyond you.
  • Enjoy the simple things in life.
  • What goes around comes around; so think twice before you act.
Life is short and unpredictable; keeping these 4 points is the way to a meaningful life or the start of it because everything we do will be put into judgment including every secret thing whether good or evil. 
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Sometimes, when the journey gets tough we lose heart, that’s when we need encouragement from one another.

Remember the 2 people who went to Africa, they both had one task in mind, but one person didn’t see the tremendous opportunity that was presented to him.

Watch your actions and stay focused on the life you want to live because we have a short time on this earth.

Now is the time to grow and help one another.

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I vehemently believe that everyone reading this can keep the 4 points in mind and start to live a meaningful life.

If we genuinely care for one another, we now know 4 ways to make life worth living.

Further reads:

Sanders, B. “Art of possibility”

Book of Ecclesiastes – The Holy Bible

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