World Stray Animals Day: 600,000,000 and counting…

600,000,000 and counting: You are born in the streets or you are just thrown out by your family or you just escaped all the abuse and now you have nowhere to go. Society abhors you because you are dirty and maybe even sick. As we battle poverty and inequality, let's pay some attention to the beautiful lives that we have put through so much suffering. Today there are over 600 million stray animals all over the world that are starving, cold, sick, and abused. On this #WorldStrayAnimalsDay let's make a promise to ourselves to help at least one stray to find food or shelter.

Weekends people usually spend with their family and loved ones. On Sundays, I love to keep the room fan on at low and kick my feet up and watch a movie or talk with my grand mother all day but not this time.

Woke up at 6am and took a shower rush down stairs since I am planning to go on a date. However, this is not the typical walk in the park or coffee date. I am planning to feed the strays. It was a coincidence that on the day of the World Stray Animals Day I have planned to feed the strays with my date but it was well worth it.

As planned prior we are to meet at 11am so I manage to slip in a quick movie time before 11m and right after got dressed and hit the road. Yay!!! Another adventure begins.

So picked up the date and she had got dog food and cat food and some sandwiches and drinks for us.

So at the first stop we saw 2 dogs resting in the shade due to the scorching sun. It was almost noon and we had come to the realization that strays are not used to dog food but usual Asian rice and curry. Oh, silly us!

And it was not the time to go looking for strays because at noon most of them are in hiding. Hence, we planned to visit a shelter and we found one in our area.

Few miles on the road we come to this well maintained shelter called “Charly’s Save a Paw Shelter”

Fun Fact: Did You Know that Dog People Outnumber Cat People? Pets Web

We managed to speak with the team and the owner a caring lady that her love for these animals is unbelievable. We manage to share a few words and we departed with a new hope to allocate a portion of our time and earnings to caring for these strays to find shelter.

Today is the World Stray Animals Day and we should take our first step towards animal welfare. To ensure health & support to stray animals and to find ways to ensure better coexistence between people & animals.

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