Get More Direct Bookings

The hotel’s performance is dependent on direct bookings selling more Room Nights.

Following the pandemic, an increasing number of hoteliers are eager in understanding how to improve direct reservations.

Some ideas for increasing direct reservations are listed below.

If you don’t have the skills to handle it yourself, we usually advocate hiring a digital marketing agency that specializes in the hospitality business.

You can build a powerful online brand that attracts the most significant number of visitors by optimising the website.

Consider implementing the best content marketing strategy to enhance organic traffic to your website.

Visitors to your hotel website can see real-time room availability when you integrate an online booking engine into your website.

Make sure your booking engine has an Internet Payment Gateway, or utilize a third-party booking engine that includes the payment gateway for a monthly maintenance fee.

Positive guest reviews should be promoted on the brand’s website. Before making a final selection, potential customers examine hotel reviews and consider them important.

Advance booking discounts, last-minute deals, seasonal specials, and freebies can all help you attract more visitors to your website. Indicate what kinds of perks they’ll get if they book directly.

Deal with booking abandonment tactfully so that new visitors don’t depart without booking or paying.

Encourage your visitors to book directly with you by awarding them with easily redeemable points.

Get a booking engine that works with your hotel’s social media accounts.

Increase your search engine presence with SEO. Because more than half of online travellers use hashtags and search phrases to find their ideal hotel.

Travellers can use search engines to compare hotel prices across several OTAs and make an informed hotel reservation.

As a result, having a strong presence on Google My Business or Bing Listing is critical.

Provide a call-to-action button on your hotel’s website. A well-designed, well-placed call-to-action button can be the difference between success and failure.

Depending on what your customers want, you can use different buttons like “More information,” “Contact Us,” or “Book now.” People are generally cautious to click the “Book Now” option when looking for a place to stay. As a result, a button like “Check Availability” might be the ideal option.

Reward customers with a loyalty program that includes savings on services, free nights when booking a package, free hotel upgrades, and even free breakfast.

There is a slew of things you need to streamline to get the most out of direct bookings, and doing so is a full-time job in and of itself.

We hope you now have a basic understanding of how to improve direct bookings and increase earnings by adjusting the market mix.

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