Delete Instagram Permanently

Sometimes you wonder with all the content that is loaded to your feed are these people really living this life daily? If you think your life is boring just know people put their best moment and sometimes the best angle, best footage, color corrected, the picture with the best lightning. If all this is too…

Online Travel Agents to be listed in 2020 for hotels

Many Travel businesses in Sri Lanka are not aware of some of the B2B channels that generate in high volumes but it’s kept as a industry secret among the top travel agents. Also make sure that going on OTA B2C channels is the right choice for your hotel since most of these channels contain a huge marketing budget. hence, they will not hesitate to redirect your brand website bookings to their channel.

How to buy the best Smartphone

If you are looking forward to buying a Smartphone and if you feel like it’s a daunting task this might be the perfect article for you. There’s an array of various kinds of mobile phones available today but before we go into detail let’s have a quick look at “How the Smartphone’s breeze in to…

How To Make A Picture Using Text

Here’s a quick and easy Photoshop tutorial for you. You will have to be familiar with Photoshop Tools to do this. Let’s get started. 1) Pick a picture of your choice and isolate the object you want edit. 2) If the Image is in color you have to Desaturate (Ctril + Shift + U) it….

Sign up to Google without Gmail

Hello there! Did you know that you really don’t need an Gmail account to use the Google features? Yep, that’s right. You really don’t need to create a new email using Gmail to use all the amazing tools that Google offers on their platform. Just use the link below and go right for it. Enjoy!…